South Asians for Human Rights

Promoting Democracy, Upholding Human Rights

Published in on Oct. 18 ::

The basic tenets of human rights — to live with dignity, have access to food, clothing, shelter, education and so many others are often taken for granted and sometimes people are not aware of their fundamental rights. 

A powerful video by Youth for Human Rights reminds the endless struggles through the history of time that humanity faced to ensure the prevailance of human rights. 

Through powerful use of animation, the video takes us through the brief history of human rights. From the revolutionary Cyrus’ cylinder to Magna Carta to the American independence and India’s own freedom struggle and the aftermath of the World Wars, history is marked with several events that led to to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

However the video also shows that work on human rights has barely begun as most parts of world still face grave issues of illiteracy, slavery, starvation, discrimination etc.

Acknowledging that the work towards ensuring human rights for all is an uphill task, the video shows how the onus on each individual to help humanity achieve this goal.