South Asians for Human Rights

Promoting Democracy, Upholding Human Rights

Timeline Of SAHR’s Past Key Accomplishments

Fact Finding mission on human rights situation in Nepal in the light of changing political context

Fact-finding and advocacy on the state of human Rights and the reform process in the Maldives. Project title: “Strengthening the democratic process in the Maldives”

Study conducted on religious militancy in Bangladesh

Report on the rights of minorities in South Asia

Fact-finding missions and reports on Bhutanese refugees

Consultative workshops and report on inclusive electoral processes

  • Fact-finding on the rights of minorities in South Asia

Report on Right to Transparent Governance

Study on religious minorities. Theme: “The Use of Religion by the Majority”

Torture studies in the South Asian region

India-Pakistan peace initiative

Monitoring of South Asian parliaments on transparency, accountability and human rights sensitivity

South Asian Multilogue on Challenges for Peace and Prospects for Cooperation

Regional Consultation of Citizens Voices

Report on IDPs in South Asia

Study on Torture in South Asia

Meeting with local civil society on Combating Impunity in Nepal

Engagement with SAARC and Civil Society through Peoples’ SAARC

Regional Consultation on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances

Fact Finding Missions on the human rights situation in  the Maldives and on the construction of the coal –powered plants in Rampal, Bangladesh

South Asian Women’s Peace Missions to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal

Study and online data base on the justiciability of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR) in South Asia

Research conducted on nation state boundaries and Human Rights of People in South Asia

Regional Consultation on Human Rights, Peace and Security in South Asia- Where are the women?

Fact Finding Mission to Nepal on the blockade

South Asian Citizens’ Voices on Democracy and Peoples’ Security – regional conference

Renewing Ties: Dialogue among the Civil Society Representatives of Afghanistan, India and Pakistan held in Kabul, Afghanistan

‘Religious Extremism in the South Asian Region: Safe Guarding Minorities’

Peace, Security and Protection of Human Rights at Borders in South Asia

Fact Finding Mission on the situation of Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh

State of Human Rights in the Maldives

Meeting of Regional Networks to Develop a Regional Agenda for Collective Advocacy on Human Rights, Peace and Democracy

South Asian Conversation on “Have we failed our democracies?” – a discussion in collaboration with Himal Southasian

ToT Workshop on promoting religious coexistence and minority rights in South Asia – in collaboration with IMADR

Regional Consultation on the Restrictions of Freedom of Expression and Association

Regional Meeting on Human Rights, Peace and Security in South Asia

Launch of ‘The Status of SAARC and Reclaiming Regional Solidarity’

Discussion among civil society representatives of Pakistan and Afghanistan on peace, security and Human Rights – impact for Afghanistan and South Asia

COVID 19, Fading Democracy and Shrinking Civic Space in South Asia