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Fearing for life, Shumi Khatun has since been on the run and living a miserable life

Shumi Khatun, alias Khawaja, is a transgender person in Gobindaganj upazila.  Shumi has been on the run fearing for her life, after losing home, properties, and lands to terrorists and thugs who have continued their violent threats.

In this regard, Shumi appealed for help to the National Human Rights Commission, the Gaibandha Deputy Commissioner’s office, the District Police Super and other authorities concerned, but all her efforts have not yielded any results so far.

Addressing a press conference at the Gobindaganj Press Club, organized by the upazila’s transgender  community, Shumi Khatun disclosed her plight.

 In a written statement, she said one Dula Miah took possession of her father’s 13 acres and 5 decimal of lands and homestead in Rampur upazila by force, and has since been occupying the properties illegally. 

Shumi’s father, Felu Fakir, from Gobindaganj upazila, died some time ago.

For the record, Shumi Khatun also told reporters that her deceased grandfather, Manik Ullah, owned the 13 acres and 5 decimals lands under 354, 360, and 469 Khatians. (The term refers to individual land record certificates, indicating genuine title to the land.)

Shumi’s father Felu Fakir was the only child and heir apparent to all the lands and properties. When Shumi’s father Felu Fakir was a minor, his father and Shumi’s grandfather, Manik Ullah, brought Dula Miah, poverty stricken, from Bogra’s Shariakandi and offered him a place to live. 

At an opportune moment, greedy Dula Miah murdered Shumi’s grandfather Manik Ullah, slitting his throat back in 1937. At that time, Shumi’s father, Felu Fakir was a 5 year old boy.

Under the circumstances, Shumi Khatun’s paternal aunt, Bacchani Begum, took charge of young Felu Fakir and brought him to Palashbari upazila. 

Against this backdrop, Dula Miah and his cohorts grabbed all the lands and properties of Felu Fakir. In the days and weeks following, Dula Miah started to live in the occupied home and described everything in his possession as his own legitimate properties.  

Following the death of Dula Miah, his sons Abdur Rashid, Saju Miah, Tara Miah, Altaf Hossain, and Atwar Hossain, have been illegally occupying the lands. 

Shumi Khatun, alias Khawaja , in a recent trip to Rampur village, went to her father’s ancestral home and demanded the lands and properties, producing land records, documents, and titles. 

Since then, Dula Miah’s sons have continued to hound her with death threats.

Fearing for life, Shumi Khatun has since been on the run and living a miserable life. She says the hostility she has faced in the year has been immense. 

At the press conference, Gobindaganj upazila’s transgender community representatives Ahona Akhter, Munni Khatun, Tori Khatun, Bari Khatun, and Rinki Khatun, among others, were present. 

They said that institutions and public offices have historically ignored the basic rights and dignity of transgender communities.

Speakers at the event, have all expressed their hope and urged the authorities concerned, including district administration and police, to look into the matterand dispense justice. 


Updated On: September 1st, 2019