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Experts today stressed the need to effectively implement the Human Trafficking and Transportation (Control) Act-2007, for quick justice and compensation to victims and witnesses.


Speaking at a discussion programme on effective implementation of Human Trafficking and Transportation (Control) Act organised by USAID, Forum for Women, Law and Development and The Asia Foundation, advocates today said that although the act is very progressive, its implementation is very weak.

Advocate Bimala Khadka said the act ensures compensation to victims of trafficking. Khadka said, “The security and protection of the identity of victims are also ensured in the act that was amended last year, along with that of witnesses along with compensation, but it has not been implemented.”

“Presently, various human trafficking rings are active in the name of facilitating foreign employment, but justice to the victims is denied due to weak implementation of the act at various stages,” she said, adding, “Despite a provision allowing victims to participate in the investigation process, they are not included or even updated, which sometimes results in the guilty escaping the law.”

Khadka further said he government attorney is not interested in trafficking cases, making the chances of swift justice dim.
“In around 30 per cent of the cases, the government attorney remains absent during hearing,” she claimed. Advocate Dilip Koirala said that a National Human Rights Commission data shows that there are around 12,000 cases of human trafficking every year, of which only around 185 cases get registered in the police office.

“Of the total cases registered, very few get justice and compensation,” he added, saying, “We have been continuously working since 2009 to guarantee trafficking victims justice, but none of the victims have received compensated yet.” Advocate   Tamang also reiterated that although the act was progressive, there were numerous challenges for victims in its implementation.

Updated On: June 27 2016