South Asians for Human Rights

Promoting Democracy, Upholding Human Rights

By Dianne Silva

President Mahinda Rajapaksa is to appoint a Cabinet Sub-Committee to assess the First Draft of the National Action Plan for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights formulated previously by the former Disaster Management and Human Rights Ministry.

Former Disaster Management and Human Rights Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe said yesterday that President Rajapaksa presented a Cabinet paper to appoint a Sub-committee following the reviewing of the document by a Committee headed by the Attorney General.

“In May 2006 at the Human Rights Council Session held in Geneva I as the Minister made a volunteer pledge on behalf of Sri Lanka that we would come up with a time bound Action Plan to address the shortcomings and issues so that all Sri Lankans can hope for a improved state of Human Rights in this country,” Samarasinghe said.

“These committees looked into a number of thematic areas, the best practices and Human Rights Action Plans of other countries before formulating workable, practical and appropriate Action Plan to build confidence in the aftermath of the war,” he said.

Source: Daily Mirror – 10.09.2010