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By B. M. Murshideen

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has taken the responsibility of the Tamil asylum seekers who fled the country seeking asylum in Australia or to European countries.

The Indonesian Ambassador in Sri Lanka Djafar Husein told the Daily Mirror yesterday that there were nearly 600 Sri Lankan Tamil asylum seekers in the Indonesian Detention Centres.

“The UNHCR last month provided food and other facilities to nearly 250 Tamil refugees who were also in the Detention Centres, others were looked after by the Indonesian Government” Ambassador Djafar Husein said.The Indonesian Government has tightened up the security measures and the immigration policy on Sri Lankans who are using their territory as a transit location to Australia and other European countries.

“We want to send them back to Sri Lanka. But, they don’t want to go” he added.

Source: Daily Mirror – 17.03.2011