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Colombo: Hundreds of people marched on the streets of Sri Lanka’s capital city Colombo Tuesday demanding to know about the missing and disappeared.

On the second anniversary of the disappearance of cartoonist Prageeth Ekneligoda, family members of the missing and abducted people, joined by opposition politicians and activists, held placards and pictures of the missing and demanded the government to investigate the disappearances.

The marchers holding banners that read “Abductions and disappearances are crimes against humanity” and shouting slogans paraded the Colombo’s main street in front of the Fort Railway Station.

Members of civil organizations, church leaders and opposition politicians took part in the protest organized by the Committee for Investigating Disappearances.

Meanwhile, the Alliance of Media organizations, a media right organization in Sri Lanka has planned a protest tomorrow against the alleged media suppression.

Source: Colombo Page ( – 25/1/2012

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