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The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) yesterday earnestly requested the kind intervention of all persons of the Muslim faith to intervene to save the life of the innocent Sri Lankan girl Rizana Nafeek who has been sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia.The AHRC said that she was only 17-years-old when she went to Saudi Arabia with almost less than a month after her arrival she faced the unfortunate situation when an infant she was bottle feeding choked and due to her inexperience she was unable to save the infant’s life. The AHRC said in a statement that young girl who came from a remote part of Sri Lanka due to the dire poverty of her family had no experience of nursing an infant and it is not disputed that the death occurred while she was bottle feeding the infant.There was no evidence at any stage that she had any dispute with the family or had any intention to deliberately harm the child, the statement said.She has already been in jail for five years as the incident happened in 2005 due  to an unfortunate accident.“We urge your intervention.. on behalf of this young girl to save her life, the AHRC said.“…we made an appeal to all Muslim scholars to consider to intervene, it said.

Source: The Daily Mirror – 28.10.2010