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To strengthen protection for women against  abuse

By Lakna Paranamanna

The government centre for women’s policies, the National Committee on Women (NCW) stated that amendments will be made to the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act No 34, 2005 this year, in order to strengthen protection for women against spousal abuse.

NCW Legal officer Palika Wickramarachchi told Daily Mirror that discussions are ongoing in order to make amendments to the Act on the prevention of domestic violence as a result of several loopholes in the system which fails to provide proper protection for women through the judicial system.

Ms. Wickramarachchi also said that they have noted that there is discrimination against women in the Sri Lankan judicial system. Quoting an example of discrimination on women, she pointed out that women do not have the provision to resort to a divorce on grounds of adultery of the husband although the men are provided provisions to do so.

“Some of the legislations used in our country are archaic and date back to the days of Dutch and English rule. It is time such laws changed and women are provided the due protection through law,” she said.

Speaking further Ms. Wickramaarachchi said that the amended legislations will be presented to parliament before the end of this year. “We plan to take measures within this year in order to further strengthen the laws to protect women against all kinds of discrimination and abuse,” she added.

Source: Daily Mirror – 25.03.2011