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The members of South Asians for Human Rights strongly condemn the Taliban’s attack on a guesthouse hosting staff from the United Nations in Kabul on Wednesday 28th October 2009, which killed at least six and injured nine civilian UN staff.

Suicide bombers stormed a guesthouse used by UN employees and killed 12 people during a two-hour battle with security forces. According to media reports weapons, fire and explosions pounded the heart of the capital of Afghanistan. The fighting began as sporadic gunfire, but intensified over time, lasting more than an hour. The attack took place in a relatively secure section of the capital, in the vicinity of a number of government buildings, and it is reported that the firefight, which included machine-gun fire and rocket-propelled grenades, appeared to be concentrated near the guesthouse.

This attack was recognized as Taliban’s first shots in their campaign to disrupt the second round of Afghanistan’s presidential election which was scheduled for the 7th November.  SAHR also notes with deep concern the loss of lives and destruction caused due to the US drone bomb attacks in Afghanistan. We vehemently condemn these types of attacks which are considered as among the most serious crimes under international law and urge relevant authorities to take action in preventing such atrocities.

While SAHR notes with deep regret, the loss of lives and destruction caused, we also express our concern over the millions of Afghans who remain dependent on international assistance for basic needs such as food, water, healthcare and education. The attack on the UN significantly harms the already constrained ability of aid workers to assist Afghans. SAHR calls upon the relevant authorities to take all necessary steps in protecting aid workers as well as the innocent civilians caught in such attacks.

On behalf of South Asians for Human Rights

Dr. Hameeda Hossain,
Co-Chair, SAHR

29th October 2009

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