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The Senate ‘Committee of the Whole’ Monday adopted members’ proposals for creating a special force by provincial governments to escort prisoners, right of appeal in suo moto cases and reviewing the powers of police regarding human rights at the provincial level.

The committee, which met here with Senate Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani in the chair, considered recommendations submitted by the Senators for providing speedy and inexpensive justice to people.

The members actively participated in consideration of proposals regarding misuse of authority, negligence of police and other officers concerned and proposed establishing a mechanism of punishment for those.

The committee observed that a mechanism needed to be put in place to eradicate hurdles in filing justified FIRs (First Information Reports) while at the same time discouraging false and frivolous ones.

The members also suggested review of NAB (National Accountability Bureau) laws which gave the culprits of corruption and misuse of authority an opportunity of plea bargain. It was proposed that such people should not be absolved of charge.

The Senate chairman said that recommendations of members regarding Article 182-A would be considered and a draft amendment would be introduced in the next meeting on Wednesday.

The committee rejected a recommendation of establishing Supreme Court in all the provinces terming it a change in basic constitutional structure of the country.  Such changes did not come under the purview of the Committee of the Whole, the Senate chairman observed.

The Committee of the Whole constituted to discuss FATA reforms will meet on Tuesday to receive proposals from experts and discussion of members.

Former senator Afrasiab Khattak, analyst Rahimullah Yousafzai, President FATA Journalists Forum and President FATA Lawyers Forum will address the meeting.

Updated On: 28 December 2015