South Asians for Human Rights

Promoting Democracy, Upholding Human Rights

We express our concern over the Bangladesh government’s continuous statements in defense of its Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) shooting of college student Limon Hossain. In their statements given at various times, they have termed him as a criminal without having demonstrated evidence in any acceptable or credible investigation. We believe such statements of the advisers and ministers of the government only serves at providing continuing patronage and protection to RAB from the legal consequence of their extra judicial and indiscriminate shooting at ordinary people of the country.

We have also noticed that such crossfire or encounter deaths have become an accepted norm of operation of RAB and Police of Bangladesh. Though often imaginary excuses and stories are introduced to justify the murders and shooting, we believe it has become imperative for Bangladesh to immediately stop such extra-judicial killing for sustaining its reputation as a nation who believes in rule of law, human rights and democracy and is party to international human right regime.

The Bangladesh government needs to realize that the impunity with which the Rapid Action Battalion has carried out extrajudicial killings since its inception in 2004 may have become well-entrenched after more than half a decade of near non-accountability. If the government is truly committed to bringing an end to extrajudicial killings by the law enforcement agencies, it needs to translate its talk into decisive and demonstrable action.

We also express our concern over the various ways Limon and his family are being subjected to continued harassment, threat and insecurity. We expect that he would obtain every form of legal aid and assistance from the government and fair trial from the court.

SAHR Secretariat