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Centre for Human Rights Education (CHRE) on Tuesday launched Rawadari Tehreek in connection with National Minority Day at a ceremony.

The launch ceremony was held at Hamdard Centre and was attended by civil society activists, human rights activists, lawyers and political personalities. Speaking on the occasion, Rawadari Tehreek founder and CHRE Director Samson Salamat said, “Pakistan’s public culture in general is riddled with hard-line views and elements that do not allow tolerance for divergent views, and as a result the civil liberties are squeezing drastically. The peaceful environment has become a dream, and trends of fundamentalism, extremism, hatred, discrimination and violence have deepened in society.”

Samson observed that the reversal from this challenging situation has become inevitable, but it is not something easy to come. He said the state, its institutions, political forces, media, civil society and more importantly the people need to play a very active role to undo what is happening and do what is required to make Pakistan a better place to live for every citizen. “We strongly believe religious tolerance and respect of diversity is fundamental for a peaceful co-existence, therefore Rawadari Tehreek has been launched nationwide to mobilise and convince the citizens for their contribution for a peaceful Pakistan,” he announced.

Justice (r) Nasira Javed Iqbal, Director Interfaith Minhajul Quran Sohail Ahmed Raza, President Civil Society Network Abullah Malik, President, ARMAAN Foundation Amna Malik, President – All Pakistan Lady Health Workers Welfare Association Bushra Arain and others also spoke on the occasion. The speakers shed light on the importance of religious tolerance and respect of religious diversity to counter religious extremism and intolerance the society. Updated On: August 12, 2015