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On the eve of International Human Rights Defenders Day, National Human Rights Commission’s acting chairperson Justice Cyriac Joseph today appealed to Centre and state governments to take effective steps for protecting recognised rights of activists in this field.

“I appeal to the central government and state governments to take effective steps for protecting the recognised rights of the human rights defenders. I also appeal to the citizens of India to realise that they have a Constitutional duty to protect human rights and that protection of human rights is impossible without protecting the human rights defenders,” Justice Joseph said in a statement today.

As per the Constitution of India, Justice Joseph said, the state has an obligation to protect human rights and the citizen also has a duty to promote and protect human rights, and thus, in India protection of human rights is not merely an obligation of the state, but a duty of the citizen as well.

“It is a matter of deep concern that in many countries, persons and organisations engaged in promoting and defending human rights and fundamental freedoms frequently face threats and harassment and suffer insecurity as a result of those activities, including through the curtailment of freedom of expression or the right to peaceful assembly or the abuse of civil or criminal proceedings,” he noted.

Justice Joseph further said that women human rights activists suffer from violations and abuses, including systematic violations and abuses of their fundamental rights.

“…Because of which the United Nations General Assembly had to pass a resolution on Women Human Rights Defenders in December 2013,” he said. .

Updated On: Dec 8 2015