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Published in The Himalayan Times on Aug. 23 ::

The seniormost Justice at the Supreme Court, Ram Kumar Prasad Sah, on Saturday said police personnel are at the top of human rights violators’ list.

Speaking at a workshop on human rights protection and promotion, in Pokhara today, President of Judges’ Society Nepal, Sah said police officials violate human rights during implementation of laws. 

He commented that the human rights cell at Nepal Police organisation has largely been ineffective. “Police and other administration officials are seen breaching human rights to impose their personal dominance,” Sah said, “but they should be sensitive on this issue.”

He also urged judges at courts to stay alert and check if police personnel are involved in breach of human rights. He also criticised policy makers for not paying enough attention to human rights issues. 

“The term is mentioned in the constitution and various acts,” Sah said, “But, the implementation is not as satisfactory as expect.”

The Justice observed that cases related to human rights are increasing at courts. Former Justice Ram Nagina Singh said it is vary sad that those assigned for human rights protection are involved in rights violation. 

“Laws have given you rights (to punish violators of rights),” Singh said, “Please don’t hesitate to protect rights of people.” 

Speaking at the function, Secretary at the National Human Rights Commission, Bed Prasad Bhattarai, asked the judiciary to be serious regarding economic, social and cultural rights to people. Judges from Appelate Courts of Pokhara, Baglung, Butwal and Tulsipur and District Courts under those Appelate Courts are attending the two-day workship jointly organised by NHRC and Judges’ Society Nepal.