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The Indian government’s refusal to grant visas to Pakistani patients for treatment at various hospitals is a cruel and shameful act and Narendra Modi’s administration should reconsider its move to disallow patients from entering for medical treatment, the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) said in a statement issued on Tuesday.

PMA central president Dr Muhammad Ashraf Nizami, secretary general Dr S.M.Qaisar Sajjad and other office bearers condemned what they described as the inhuman attitude of the Indian government for imposing unannounced ban on issuance of medical visas to Pakistani citizens. 

“India has crossed all limits of humanity. Even worst enemies provide medical assistance to rivals during wartimes,” the statement said.

It said the PMA was highly concerned over the situation that will affect thousands of Pakistanis traveling to India for their different health issues. 

Reportedly, around 500 patients travel to India every year for treatment of liver and heart-related ailments at major hospitals in New Delhi, Chennai and other cities.

“The Pakistan Medical Association demands of the Government of Pakistan and the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan to take up this issue with international human rights organisations. They should ask India from doing refusing medical visas,” the statement added.

Patients from middle and lower middle class prefer to visit India for liver surgeries, cancer treatment, cardiac and orthopedic surgeries but for the last two months, the Indian government is not issuing visas to Pakistani patients.

PMA office-bearers also asked the government to improve health facilities in the country so that people could be treated locally and their precious time and money could be saved.

They said Pakistani doctors and surgeons were among the best healthcare providers in the world and were performing at world’s top medical institutions.

Updated On: 10-05-2017