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The Tenth session of the Legislature-Parliament continued, and as many as 05 meetings were convened, during the month of December. The major highlight of the month is as follows:

The first meeting in December, which was convened on the 6th at 13:15 hours in the parliament, witnessed obstruction by the main opposition over the issue of brutal assault by the prison inmates to the members of its sister organization, including the District President, Tarun Dal, hiva Paudel. One of the influential young leaders of Nepali Congress (NC) Party, Gagan Thapa, condemned the attack as sheer violation of rule of law and proclaimed that no session would be allowed unless the government assures the actual investigation of the case so as to bring the guilty to book. Responding to the concern expressed by the opposition, Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Honourable Bijaya Kumar Gachhadar informed the parliament that a team of doctors, including a renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Upendra Devkota, has been sent to Chitwan for attending the injured as they could not be lifted to the centre due to some technical difficulties. The Deputy Prime Minister also notified that an inquiry committee of four members, headed by the Joint Secretary of Home Ministry, Shankar Koirala, has already been formed to look into the matter, and identify the culprits and bring them to justice. The meeting resumed following the commitment expressed by the Deputy Prime Minister.

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