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Commenced in early May, the Tenth session of the Legislature-Parliament continued, and 13 meetings altogether were convened, during the month of August. The major highlights of those meetings are as follows:

The forty-third to forty-fifth meetings, held on different dates during August, witnessed obstruction by the opposition party, Nepali Congress, over the issue of non-implementation, and particularly the resignation of the Prime Minister which was one of the prime agendas of the 5-point deal that was agreed and signed for extending the term of the Constituent Assembly in May 2011. The forty-sixth meeting, however, witnessed no objection from the opposition as the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Mr. Bhart Mohan Adhikari, delivered a speech of public importance on behalf of the Prime Minister that was later endorsed by Hon’ble Ram Chandra Poudel terming it to be a satisfactory statement. The periodic report of the Agreement Execution Monitoring Special Committee, 2011 was submitted at the meeting by the Deputy Speaker, Hon’ble Purna Kumari Subedi, who was also the ex-officio vice-chairperson of the said committee. Similarly, the meeting unanimously passed the Charter of the Asian Institute of Technology.

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