South Asians for Human Rights

Promoting Democracy, Upholding Human Rights

A total of 32 Bills were tabled in Parliament out of which 23 Bills were passed and 8 were under consideration. Four were waiting to be placed in the parliament. In the Fourth session three Private Bills (Lapper’s Bill, Code of Criminal Procedure and Fifteenth Amendment of the Constitution) were placed in the Parliament and examined by the Committees. Both Lappers’ Bill and Code of Criminal Procedure were placed on 03 June, 2010. The third private bill i.e. the Fifteenth Amendment to the Constitution was not placed before the Parliament, it was directly sent to the standing Committee for reexamination.

Notable among the Acts passed during the session were the following: (1) the National Identity Registration Act, 2009 and (2) Minority Anthropological Cultural Institution Act, 2009.

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