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MIRPUR (AJK) – Eminent human rights worker and President Pakistan Supreme Court Bar Association Asma Jahagir said that people of Pakistan and Jammu & Kashmir are incomplete without each other and the distances, if any, would be removed at all cost. Addressing members of the Mirpur District Bar Association late the other day, she fully endorsed the idea for exercising of practice by the legal fraternity of Pakistan and AJK at either side since Pakistan and AJK lives in unison without any barrier.

DBA President Kamran Tariq, General Secretary Raja Sanawer Kamali and Khalid Yousaf also addressed the meeting which was largely attended by the local lawyers.

Asma Jahangir said although she opposes the induction of judges’ adhoc appointments – yet the services of adhoc judges should be confirmed without further delay. “Otherwise how we can expect justice from the adhoc judges if they were not served with justice,” she observed. She called for strengthening the bar as maximum as possible. She added that the strength and stability of judiciary directly depended upon the strong and stable bar. Condemning human rights abuses in India as well as in the Indian held Jammu & Kashmir, Asma said that she always raised voice against human rights violation in India and would protest against the HR abuses in India and IHK.

Speaking on the occasion, DBA President Kamran Tariq said that Mirpur district bar association enjoyed the distinction of the only bar across the world whose all members were thrown behind the bars on the charges of raising voice against human rights and for the revival of civil rights during the dictatorial regimes.

Kamran said that various major and important decisions of the AJK Supreme and High Courts are referred to as a precedent by the top judiciary of the country in the under-trial cases.

He said that the lawyers from AJK actively participated in the street agitation in Pakistan for the revival and independence of judiciary during the dictatorial rules.

AJK AB arrests schoolteacher: The AJK Accountability Bureau here Friday arrested head teacher of a government school in Bhimber district for tempering with the official record of the birth date of a former official of the AJK government, it was officially declared.

An AJK Accountability Bureau spokesman told media here on Friday that the Ehtesab Bureau nabbed Mirza Muhammad Younis, son of Faiz Muhammad, head Teacher.