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The participants of national consultations on ‘Contemporary Challenges and Durable Solution of Afghan Refugees Issues’ highly appreciated the generosity and hospitality of government and people of Pakistan for hosting millions of Afghan refugees for nearly four decades despite not being party to the refugee convention. It was organized by Society for Human Rights and Prisoners’ Aid (SHARP-Pakistan) here on Monday in collaboration of ICMC and Government of Pakistan.
Rustam Shah Mohamand, the former Ambassador to Afghanistan underscored the key issues of Afghan refugees in light of international humanitarian context. He highlighted the historical perspectives of Afghan refugee crises and emphasized on adopting the approach of Turkish government where integration of 2.5 million refugees was under consideration to avoid long term burden on the Turkish nation.
He suggested a pragmatic approach should be adopted with regard to issuing POR cards so that refugees live with dignity and peace of mind. The participants stressed for increased support of international community in terms of resources to achieve the goal of durable solutions with special focus on the resettlement, regional dialogues and effective youth engagement to help settle the protracted refugee situation in Pakistan. The international community must come forward to share the burden which Pakistan is shouldering for the last four decades through support of government.—APP

Updated On: 20.12.2017