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Karachi: A number of parliamentarians have shown full support for ensuring a national policy and legislation for home-based workers at a meeting organised by HomeNet Pakistan, Aurat Foundation and Women Development Department at a local hotel.
Speaking on the occasion, Minister for Labour Ameer Nawab ensured full support from the labour department in finalisation of the policy for home-based workers and making the legislation as well as its implementation applicable in Sindh. He further added that the workers welfare fund should be devolved after the 18th amendment.
Advisor to Chief Minister, Sharmila Farooqi said that the bill as prepared and moved in the parliament will have hte full support of the party and cabinet. She further stressed that with the present flood situation in the province, the number of the home-based workers is likely to increase and it is the need of the hour to form a committee at the provincial level who could get the policy and legislation through in Sindh, providing home-based workers recognition and protection.
Minister for Women Development Tauqir Fatima Bhutto pointed out that the home-based workers lack registration and majority of them do not have NIC cards, which deprives them of the basic rights as citizens. She said that the government should take affirmative action in getting the ID cards for such workers in Sindh as the legislation and provision of social protection to them would ensure recognition and identity of these domestic workers.
Pakistan People’s Party leader Taj Haider said that the policy and legislation for home-based workers should be devised keeping in views the present existing opportunities. He added that these opportunities should be linked with the workers for vocational trainings, capacity building and marketing.
Mahnaz Rahman Resident Director Aurat Foundation, Rubina Brohi Regional Coordinator LWP-WE Aurat Foundation, and Ume Laila of HomeNet Pakistan also spoke on the occasion. The meeting ended with an action plan to be followed by all the stakeholders in Sindh before October 20, 2011.

Source: The News – 28.09.2011