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Imran claims he just wanted an Indian passport because he had married his cousin, an Indian, and had two sons and wanted to live in India.

Pakistan national stranded at Bhopal police station awaits repatriation

“I have learned some hard lessons in the last 10 years. I don’t even think of escaping or doing anything that is in contravention of law. Where will I go even if I manage to flee?” says Mohammed Imran Warsi, as he watches officials at Bhopal’s Shahjahanabad Police Station.

In his late thirties, Imran has spent more than nine months at the police station waiting to be repatriated to Pakistan. The police station has become his home ever since he was released after spending 10 years in jail on charges of espionage, and for forging documents to get a passport from Bhopal.

His sentence ended in January, but Imran had to spend two more months in jail because he did not have money to pay the Rs 8,000 fine slapped by the trial court. He was released from Bhopal jail on March 14 and sent to Shahjahanabad Police Station, a nodal station where foreigners like him are kept till they are repatriated.

He is not under detention but can’t leave the police station premises. The staff arranges for his food, clothes and items of daily needs. He has to also spend the night inside the police station.


Updated On: December 22, 2018