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LAHORE: The target killing of teachers and political activists in Balochistan is outrageous and unacceptable, says the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP).

It calls upon the government to make a greater effort to stop the killings than it had so far.

A statement issued by the HRCP on Friday said: “In circumstances that are both tragic and familiar, unidentified armed motorcyclists have killed another teacher, Saba Dashtiari, in Quetta and another political activist, Nasim Jangiyan, in Turbat.

“The police have promptly classified Dashtiari`s assassination as target killing and stated that Jangiyan could also have been a victim of target killing. This is not the first time that teachers and political activists have been killed in this manner in Balochistan and, unless extraordinary measures are taken, it would not be the last.

“The people may be excused for thinking that the security agencies` job is to merely categorise murders. Why is it that after so many murders the state is no closer to nabbing the culprits? It is utterly unacceptable that despite heavy deployment of security personnel the killers of the people enjoy impunity and strike at will.” The HRCP demanded every possible measure to prevent bloodletting and urged the government to carry out investigation in a wholehearted manner.

Source: Dawn – 04.06.2011