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ISLAMABAD: A total of 8,000 incidents of violence against women were reported across the country in 2010, the `3rd Annual Statistics of Violence Against Women’ report revealed on Thursday.

National Coordinator, Aurat Foundation, Rabea Hadi in a press conference here said that summary of the VAW report for 2010 presents a grim picture of the overall state of affairs regarding violence against women in the country.

Out of a total 8,000 incidents, as many as 5,492 cases of violence were reported from the Punjab, 1,652 from Sindh; 650 from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 79 from Balochistan and 127 from Islamabad. The report was based on the reported cases in a majority of newspapers of the country and no FIR was registered in a large number of incidents.

Of the total incidents, 2,236 women were abducted; 1,436 women murdered and 557 killed in the name of `honour killing’, 928 women raped; 633 women committed suicide; 32 women made victim of acid attacks and 38 women the target of stove burning, the report said.

VAW Group member Rehana Hashmi said that that was a reminder that evil social practices persist, such as the fact that several women were exchanged like cattle to settle disputes adjudicated by illegal Jirgas, or hundreds killed on the pretext of so-called `honour’.

According to the statistics, in the year 2009, 13 per cent increase in the violence against women incidents was seen over the proceeding year in 2008, but the data analysis of 2010 reflects a decrease of 6 per cent over the proceeding year 2009.

The decrease in figures is due to the fact that the recent natural catastrophe in the country not only damaged the main infrastructure of most of the flood-affected districts but also led to the loss of valuable official, judicial and crime records.

Source: The News – 25.02.2011