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‘The NHRC  will also seek justice for Farazi, wrongfully convicted in a murder case in Delhi’

The National Human Rights Commission has formed an investigation committee to look into a case of three women being brutally tortured under false allegations in Narayanganj.

NHRC chairman Kazi Reazul Haque on Tuesday formed a three-member investigation committee and directed them to submit a post-investigation report in this regard. 

The committee includes: Banchita Chakma, NHRC member, Al Mahmud Fayzul Kabir, director (Complaint and Investigation), and Gazi Salauddin, deputy director (Complaint and Investigation).

He said this speaking at a press briefing at NHRC headquarters in Dhaka’s Karwan Bazar, said a press release.

The chairman said: “The incident was tragic and was a severe violation of the victims’ human rights.” 

“They were brutally tortured under false allegation which cannot be tolerated; a case has already been filed by the NHRC

“A suspect has already been arrested in this connection and the arrest of other suspects is ongoing,” he also added.

Regarding Badal Farazi, Kazi Reazul Haque, said: “The NHRC will also seek justice for Farazi, who was wrongfully convicted in a murder case in Delhi.”

“We have spoken to Farazi, currently imprisoned at Keraniganj Central Jail, for necessary insight.”

“An NHRC team will head to India and collaborate with the National Human Rights Commission of India, to collect substantial evidence in getting proper justice for Farazi.”

Updated On: February 20th, 2019