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A survey has shown that the incapability of the Nepal Police and the inefficient judiciary system in the nation has compelled the public to seek other alternatives for justice.

The 56-page report presented by the United States Institute of Peace after a detailed study in 21 districts of Nepal shows that the police has failed to assure the people of personal as well as social security in the country.

The report states that the people of the midwestern region feel the most insecure in the nation.

It has been reported that the people do not feel secured as political representatives and security personnel themselves get assaulted by numerous armed criminal groups on a regular basis.

About one-third of the people who were included in the study said that they do not report crimes because of the indifference shown by the police towards their woes in the past.

The report recommends that the police in Nepal must heed to the laws and the evidences in each case rather than operate under political pressure.