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67 Nepali workers have been held hostage in Libya for demanding a pay-hike in Libya, Kantipur daily reported.
The workers working for a real estate and construction company in Libya had been on a strike since 18 days, when company authorities locked them up inside their common residence on Thursday.
“The company officials have padlocked the main gate of the camp we are staying in on Thursday,” said Briddhi Limbu, one of the suffering migrant workers, over the phone. “Three of us managed to escape and contact you.”
According to Limbu, the company had been paying them less than the promised salary and asked them to leave at their own cost when they demanded a pay-hike.
The workers are being paid LYD 250 per month. They had gone to Libya in April this year by paying Rs 130,000 each.
Limbu said, the company had not even provided them food since Thursday.
Over a 100 migrant workers had been held hostage in Libya a few months ago. They were rescued and brought to Nepal with support from Nepal government and International Organisation for Migration (IOM)