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Published in The Himalayan Times ::

International Commission of Jurists and other human rights organisations today urged Nepal to ensure participation of more victims and improvement in transparency when selecting candidates for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the Commission of Inquiry on Disappearances. 

ICJ, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and five other local human rights and conflict-era victims groups, made an appeal to this effect to the government of Nepal by sending an open letter to Prime Minister Sushil Koirala.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Commission of Inquiry on Disappearances, which should have been formed as envisioned by the 2006 comprehensive peace agreement, are yet to come into force. The groups have said Koirala should narrow the scope of amnesty powers vested in these commissions and bring them in line with international standards.

“A consultative and transparent process for selecting commissioners is critical if the commissions want to win the trust of conflict-era survivors, locals and international observers,” read the letter sent to PM Koirala.