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KATHMANDU, Jan 24: The National Human Rights Commission of Nepal (NHRC) and the United Nations Human Rights Office in Nepal (OHCHR) on Monday released an analysis on NHRC Bill urging government to improve some provisions.

The analysis emphasizes that the law with respect to the NHRC should guarantee the NHRC’s independence and autonomy including operational independence and provide it with broad human rights mandate, the organizations said in a release

The Nepal Government had tabled the NHRC Bill following the provision of constitutional status to the NHRC as stipulated by the Interim Constitution 2007, but it has remained pending since August, 2009.

“We welcome the government’s initiative in drafting a new NHRC Bill and further acknowledge a number of positive provisions within it which are crucial for strengthening this national human rights mechanism,” said Gauri Pradhan, the NHRC spokesperson and Jyoti Sanghera, the Head of OHCHR-Nepal.

“However, we stress the need to improve those provisions which are flawed in light of the Paris Principles and international best practices,” they added.

“While the human rights situation of Nepal is for the first time, is being reviewed under the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in Geneva from January 25-27, we call on the government and parliament to expedite the adoption of a bill with the necessary amendments we have recommended that will ensure consistency with the Paris Principles,” stated a joint press statement.