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By Indika Sri Aravinda

The National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) said yesterday it would cancel 60 underage marriages in the districts of Badulla and Polonnaruwa because the couples were below the age of 18.

NCPA Chairman Anoma Dissanayake said they had received reports of 300 underage marriages but 240 of the couples had now reached the required age limit, and as such their marriages would be reregistered. She said legal action would be taken against the husbands even though they were underage.

Ms. Dissanayake said the underage wives and their children if any would be sent to probation centres until they reach the required age for marriage.

She said action would be taken against the Marriage Registrars responsible for allowing the underage marriages

A circular has been sent to all registrars advising them to verify the age of brides and bridegrooms with their national identity cards and birth certificates before registering marriages.

Source: The Daily Mirror – 12.10.2010