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ISLAMABAD: The National Commission on the Rights of the Child will be functional within two months after receiving names for nominations as members from the provinces.

“Under the law, six members, one each from each province, Islamabad Capital Territory and Federally Administered Areas, would be part of the commission for which we have sent letters and are waiting for nominations,” said Muhammad Hassan Mangi, the director general for International Coordination of Ministry of Human Rights.

He said that they were actively working on the establishment of the commission and were expecting the receipt of nominations within two weeks.

He said that the paperwork about the functioning of the commission was complete and after receiving the names of members according to the criteria described in the law, the case will be forwarded to the cabinet for approval.

Mangi said that the ministry had granted six months to draft the rules and other documentary requirements for the commission, adding that “we have completed all the work before the time and are now waiting for names only”.

Commenting on the Kasur incident, the official said that a delegation of MOHR visited Kasur when the first case of child abuse was reported a few months back and directed to establish a ‘Child Protection Center’ to protect younger generation. But, he added, the center is not established yet.

Unless exemplary punishment is granted to the culprits, such crimes cannot be controlled, he said.


Updated On: 18.01.2018