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There is a need for combined efforts to prevent human trafficking and illegal migration, acting chairman of National Human Rights Commission Md Nazrul Islam said yesterday.

“Despite people’s belief that there is no attempt from the government to prevent trafficking, I would say there is. However, there is a coordination gap,” he said while speaking as chief guest at a consultation meeting at Brac Centre in Dhaka.

Shariful Hasan, head of Brac Migration presented a keynote paper where he mentioned approximately 4,668 cases have been filed since the anti-trafficking law was passed in 2012. Of those, 4,106 cases are still under trial.

On the effective application of the 2012 act, Md Nazrul Islam said, “NHRC will reevaluate the act, as many things have changed in last few years, which should be considered.”

He added, “Most migration seekers are ill-prepared. A campaign is needed to provide them with information and tell them about countries with better job opportunities.”


In his speech as special guest, Md Abu Bakar Siddique, additional secretary of the home ministry spoke about the tendency of going abroad illegally despite often “not being in a disadvantaged position in the country.”

Referring to the recent deaths of Bangladeshi migrants in the Mediterranean Sea, he said “Many who were rescued are not willing to return. They want to reach Europe by hook or by crook.”  

“Corruption is the root of all irregularities. Solution is impossible without the prevention of corruption,” he added.

Additional Inspector General of Criminal Investigation Department Md Shah Alam said migrant workers who become victims of cheating and trafficking often cannot file cases due to pressure, so giving them the opportunity to file case from abroad will help with rescuing them and bringing culprits to book.

Asif Saleh, acting executive director of Brac; Lisbeth Jonveld, chief of party of Winrock International; Jenefa Jabbar, director of Brac (Social Campaign), and Nazia Haider, programme manager of Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (Safer Migration) spoke among others.


Updated On: July 30, 2019