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Dr Renu Adhikari Rajbhandari

- Nepal -

Dr. Renu Adhikari/Rajbhandari is a fearless feminist activist active for equality for last three decades and a well-known Woman Human Rights Defender in Nepal and the South Asian region. Her activism from inside turned a medical professional to a full time Women Human right Defender struggling against trafficking in women plus broader issues of structural discrimination. She is founder member of WOREC Nepal, an organization working against all forms of discrimination against women and National alliance of women human right defenders as well as part of many social organizations nationally regionally and internationally. Her work primarily focuses on advocacy to create an enabling environment for people from bottom up and her continuous advocacy has been very instrumental to bring several changes at policy and program implementation level. She was active in both the Peoples movement in Nepal. She was appointed as the 1st national rapporteur against trafficking within the National Human Rights Commission of Nepal. She also served two terms at the Board of Trustee of the UN Voluntary Trust Fund against Contemporary Forms of Slavery.