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AS many people of merit have pointed out to Indian government, which prefers to remain permanently in a dream world of denials, the government needs to focus on the people on this side than make lectures on the people on the other side of Kashmir. BJP government has drawn flak because it has failed on every account, be it diplomatic blunders that are isolating India, or governance at home where more and more people are feeling insecure and living under right-wing threats. Indian government instead of addressing the issues is playing shoddy tricks. The government does not even have the nerve to stand before the questions which although are on the lips of millions but with a finger of belligerence put on them.
Question one, when was it in Pakistan-Administered Kashmir that 75 unarmed people were killed by their government forces, more than 12000 were injured, a less than 1000 boys were blinded? [It is quite a maligning propaganda]. There is news about Indian armed forces and government’s doings in Kashmir in the last two months everywhere. Foreign media are reporting on daily basis despite government trying to block communication, snap internet, etc. When was the situation in PaK like it is in Kashmir valley today?
Question two, why are Pakistan flags hoisted in Kashmir, and Indian flags are not hoisted anywhere? If PaK and Balochistan are suffering because of Pakistan government then there should have definitely been anti-government protests in every nook and corner and flag of say India as a supporter would have been hoisted.
Question three, why did the Indian government deny the UN body to have a look at the ground situation in Kashmir? Isn’t government of India trying to hide something?
Question four, why was Amnesty India that was trying to aware people on Kashmir and situation in Kashmir forced to close and shift its offices? It is no secret now that the human rights organizations have been deterred to highlight Kashmir issue and the human rights violations for which the BJP government at the centre is directly responsible.
Question five, why is Indian media told to blackout information and news on Kashmir at a time when the Valley is up against the state? Killing of an unarmed person in Kashmir is not reported while some family feud cum publicity stunt before elections in on of the states takes all prime time.
Question six, why is the government stalking people who speak about human rights violations in Kashmir. Arrests of activists and harassment of journalists was not so brazen as it has been with the present government.
Question seven, why are there no comments on the resignation of a member of Indian Parliament who believes that the two governments have crossed the limits?
Question eight, how does the government justify brutal action on children who are as old as 10 years? What damage and insecurity can a boy 10 years old do with a stone in his hands? On one side is a pellet gun and assault rifle that is used as a war weapon – on the other side are young men with stones in their hands. How is it even? Isn’t it like waging a war against the people, a point made by none other than a former chief minister?
Question nine, why are the government functionaries and ministers gone into hiding and do not even dare to pay visit to their so-called constituencies? If people elected the ministers of Kashmir then they should be amidst them and without any security cover? Will they dare do that?
Question ten, there is a huge number of people of Kashmir arrested by police, beaten in lockups and warned of dire consequences even if they raise their voice again. Public Safety Act, how is it used in Kashmir?
The government cannot hide behind its theatric shows performed from time to time. The government that has come to power has proved to be the most incompetent so far on not just one account. So people may be kept busy with sports, medals and feel good factors, but the rot inside is producing a nauseating atmosphere where the last thing a common man in India will do is puke.

Courtesy: Rising Kashmir

Updated On: September 19, 2016