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Young artists perform dastaan goi during the programme.—Fahim Siddiqi/White Star
Young artists perform dastaan goi during the programme.—Fahim Siddiqi/White Star

To learn about human rights and important international days, Tehrik-i-Niswan, along with its partner organisations held an event called Sahar Awaz Deti Hai at the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi on Wednesday evening.

The programme was open to the general public, and it was nice to see the auditorium filled to capacity in quick time. A great many people waited outside the venue to step in.

The host of the show informed the audience that the purpose of the event was to raise awareness about issues such as violation of human rights, unemployment, lack of health facilities etc. Insecurity, too, was a problem. He then talked about the international days, such as Dec 10 which is Human Rights Day.

After that Sheema Kermani called on stage Fatima who recited a poem written by Rasul Bakhsh Palijo. Fatima read it with a great deal of feeling. After her recital Ms Kermani remarked that Mr Palijo was not only a respected politician but also a poet.

Next up was a video of a composition based on Fahmida Riaz’s poem Aseer Shehzadi. It was nice to see the youngsters in the crowd paying attention to thought-provoking stuff. The visuals captured the crux of the poem very well.

The video was followed by a documentary on Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai. It was a touching presentation. It showed, in brief time, Ms Yousafzai’s invaluable contribution to girls’ education in Pakistan and its impact on the entire world.

Next up was a dastaan goi session participated by five young boys (trained by Napa’s graduates). They narrated pieces from Fasana-i-Azad beginning with Saf Shikan Batair.

The youngsters performed with such confidence, and correct enunciation, that it felt like one was listening to a bunch of professional artists. The audience liked their act.

Other colourful as well as thought-provoking items were also lined up for the event.

Updated On: 31.01.2019