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By Olindhi Jayasundere

The Inter-University Student Federation filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission yesterday in connection with the death of Ruhunu University student Susantha Bandara and the arrest of eight other students.

The Federation’s Convener, Udul Premaratne said they will take whatever measures to see that police hold an impartial investigation into Susantha’s death. “In addition to that they arrested a number of students without any reason which they have no authority to do,” he said.

Meanwhile, Police Spokesman, Preshantha Jayakody said investigations are still continuing. “No one can be blamed until the investigations are complete. However we have reason to believe that a university peer named “Bassa” was responsible for the death since the victim’s mother made a formal statement saying that he was responsible,” he said.

The police initially declared that the death was due to natural causes and later said that another university student was responsible for the death.

Source: Daily Mirror – 30.07.2010