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Nineteen year old Zaffar Shafi Hakeem was taken into custody by police immediately after being released from administrative detention on 10 June , and is at risk of a repeat administrative detention order.

Zaffar Shafi Hakeem had been arrested on 28 January by police in Anantnag, Jammu and Kashmir, India. He was held in administrative detention under the Public Safety Act (PSA) from 29 January till 10 June.

In early June, the High Court of Jammu and Kashmir found the detention unlawful and ordered his release. On 10 June, instead of being released to his father who was waiting outside the Kathua Jail, Zaffar Shafi Hakeem was taken from the prison by a team of a specialist counter-insurgency police.

The police officials did not give his father any information on the alleged offences for which Zaffar Shafi Hakeem was being held again, nor has he been produced before a magistrate. His detention may therefore be without legal basis. The police officials told the father that Zaffar Shafi Hakeem would be taken to the Joint Interrogation Centre at Jammu for a few days before being taken to Srinagar where he may be released after a few days. However it is likely that a repeat administrative detention order will be passed to further hold Zaffar Shafi Hakeem under the PSA.

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