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NHRC Issues Notice to Chief Secretary and DGP Maharashtra

Protests Held In Hyderabad and Chennai in Support of Andolan

Women at the Forefront of the Struggle Against Buildershahi in Mumbai

Medha Patkar’s Health Deteriorates but Stable on 6th Day of Indefinite Fast

April 9, 2013, Mumbai : Responding to various complaints from across the country on the issue of demolitions and ongoing indefinite fast by Medha Patkar and Madhuri Shivkar, National Human Rights Commission issued notices to the Chief Secretary and DGP Maharashtra calling for their response on the issues within two weeks.

Today was the 6th day of Indefinite Fast by Medha Patkar at Golibar, Mumbai. Despite growing signs of weakness and deteriorating health like vomiting, body ache, back ache, she refused check up by Government doctors. Madhuri Shivkar, who joined her on April 6th, is normal and in good spirits. Anand Patwardhan, Film Maker; Chandrashekhar, Architect, Suniti S R, NAPM visited the site today and extended their solidarity to the Andolan. Justice (Retd) Rajender Sachar, also lent his support to the struggle and spoke to the Chief Minister’s Office and urged them to start the process of dialogue, for something which is extremely genuine. Many people from the basti are joining the relay fast every day. This is not the story of Golibar only; Slum dwellers from various slums in Mumbai are coming and joining the fast at Golibar.

Women of the Bastis have been at the forefront of the struggle since beginning, be it facing the bulldozers or carrying forward with the life in extreme diversity, when the homes are broken and children have their exams. They have been coming out in support in big numbers everyday, taking to street, cooking collectively on the site for everyone, shouting slogans and lending strength to Andolan everywhere. Anwari, Nasreen, Mamta Dalvi, Rajashri Thakur, Suhasini Mesti and many others have bore the burnt of their houses being demolsihed but have continued their struggle with a dream of roof over their head. It is not only Medha Patkar and madhuri Shivkar who are putting their life at stake but they all have put their life at stake to save their homes and claim right over the land, where their houses stand.

Reeling under pressure from the builder lobby, the government has chosen not to get into dialogue with the Andolan yet. However, the support from across the country is growing everyday. Demonstrations, protests were held today in support of the struggle in Hyderabad, where activists from different organisations joined the demonstration. In Chennai too Unorganised Workers federation, Coastal People’s Protection Movement, National Alliance of People’s Movements and others held a demonstration in Chennai against the impending evictions of nearly 2 lakh people in name of slum development projects in Chennai and also lent their support to the ongoing struggle in Mumbai. Geetha Ramakrishnan, UWF, said, “struggle for the housing rights across the country for the working class is same, be it is Chennai or Mumbai. Projects in the name of slum development are being brought in to grab the land by rich and powerful in cities. We will struggle for every inch of land, which we have developed over the years with our sweat and hard work.” Tomorrow a citizens demonstration is to be held in Delhi at Maharashtra Sadan against Maharashtra government’s inaction and in solidarity with the struggle of Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan.

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Demands of the Andolan are Following :

1. The enquiry in respect of 6 S.R.A. Projects, under the chairmanship of Principal Secretary, Housing, is in progress since 13th January, 2013. We demand that the work in all these projects should be stopped un till the report of the enquiry is completed and actions taken on the recommendations.

2. If demolitions are being carried out in accordance with court rulings but the preconditions put forth are not met, main issues and allegations of corruption through forgery, fraudulent consent are not resolved etc., then in such cases project work should be stopped and no further demolitions be carried.

3. In cases where the residents have submitted self development projects or wish to submit the same, they should be sanctioned and encouraged and started immediately.

4. S.R.A. Should ensure that in case of ongoing S.R.A. Projects all conditions in L.O.I. should be complied with.

5. The L.O.I. of the developer should be withdrawn wherever the developers have submitted forged / false documents or wrong information in violation of the L.O.I – as in case of Shivalik builders.

6. The Chief Minister of Maharashtra has agreed to implement ‘Rajeev Awas Yojana’ in the slums of Mumbai instead of S.R.A., on 2nd January, 2013. However these very slums are being buldozed even today. So, the displacement of these slums should be stopped till R.A.Y. is implemented. The same was conveyed to the State Government by the Union Minister Ajay maken on April 2, 2013.

7. Pilot projects in respect of slum at Mandala, Mankhurd under the R.A.Y. Have already been submiited to the state as well as Central Governments. That should be approved and implemented at the earliest.

8. Civic amenities (like water, toilets, nallahs, roads ) should be provided to all the slums immediately as per the written assurance given by the Municipal Commissioner.

9. The Chief Secretary had given a written assurance on 25th May, 2011 that 19 bastis as agreed in the list, after 9 day fast by Medha Patkar, will be decalred slums within 3 months. There is no action on this assurance till date. The same should be done. The Chief Minister, and the Principal Secretary, Ministry of Housing had premised again in January, 2013 to complete this action during discussions held with them. They also gave a written assurance to that effect. The displacements that are being carried out at present are, therefore, grossly unjust and hence should be stopped forthwith.

10. Shri Ajay Maken, Minister for Housing and Urban poverty alleviation, Government of India has written a letter to the Chief Minister, Maharashtra state on 2nd April, 2013. The Chief Minister should declare his stand on the letter in writing.

11. The land of Sathe Nagar should be given for R.A.Y. . This land is currently under the hold of Bombay Soap company.

Source: National Alliance of People’s Movements – 09/04/2013