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The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI), an international NGO for human rights, has deplored the incidents of violence inside a premises, and demanded strict action against police for their failure to discharge their duties.

“Students, teachers, press, opposition party workers, eminent lawyers appointed by the Supreme Court to report on the situation in the Patiala House Court complex and the accused (JNU student leader Kanhaiya Kumar) himself were assaulted.

“Despite their presence in large numbers, police chose to be inactive and unable to prevent the violence,” a CHRI statement said.

“Not a single perpetrator was arrested on the spot. This is more than a routine breakdown of law and order. It amounts to an obstruction of justice and contempt for the Supreme Court’s pronouncements,” the NGO said.

The organisation urged the Supreme Court and the government to “take immediate and resolute action against Delhi Police for their failure to uphold their obligation to ensure safety for all”.

It also asked for the safety of Kanhaiya Kumar, who is lodged in Tihar jail.

Updated On: February 2016