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ISLAMABAD – Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) on Wednesday welcomed formation of the Commission to resolve the aggravated issue of the enforced disappearance and assured its full cooperation with the body.

After attending meeting of the Commission held on other day, Asma Jahangir, Chairperson HRCP welcomed the formation of Commission during a press conference here.

While speaking on the occasion, she informed that according to Compiled list of the HRCP at present 235 people were missing throughout the country.

Out of the total, she further continued that 60 people could not be traced yet, as the HRCP did not have any information about their whereabouts.

She stressed that the concerned authorities must improve performance of the Commission for resolving the issue of the missing persons as soon as possible. The Commission should inform locals and the din persons about its visit to the specific areas.’ As it would facilitate relatives of the missing persons to contact the Commission”, she further.

She said that she would keep on fighting the case of missing persons in the Supreme Court. Asha also expressed concerns over the officials of the Interior Ministry, who are part of the Commission.

“There is a need of framing rules and regulations for the intelligence agencies”, she added while talking about agencies. She was of the view that the number of the missing persons rapidly increased after 9/ 11 and attack on Musharraf.

Replaying to a question, she said that according to available information, 35 people went missing from the country in 2009 while in current years 15 people went missing.

She also informed that the HRCP had completed a list of 160 people went missing form Balochistan.

It may be mentioned here that according to the HRCP total of 235 people went missing in 2009 including 36 people from Sindh, 160 from Balochistan, 20 from Punjab and 19 from Khbyer Pakhtunkhwa.

Source: The Nation – 13.05.2010

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