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By Kelum Bandara

The main opposition UNP yesterday said the Human Rights Commission (HRC) was today in a precarious situation without being able to take action against human rights abuses in the country.

Senior UNP MP Dr. Jayalath Jayawardane told a news conference that the government had failed to reconstitute the Commission which expired in March this year.

“The Commission was established under a parliamentary Act. Ten regional branches have also been set up throughout the country. Now, when human rights are violated, people have no place to go,” Dr. Jayawardane said.

He said the other commissions such as Public Service, Police and Bribery had also been defunct today.

Meanwhile, HRC Secretary Mrs. Chandra Ellawala said that the Commission still continues to entertain complaints from people concerned and conduct inquiries into them. However, Mrs. Ellawala noted that the HRC is not in a position now to make recommendations to the authorities concern to take action against rights abuses.

“Otherwise, we continue to entertain complaints and conduct inquiries. Once the Commission is reactivated, we can make recommendation for action,” she said.

Source: The Daily Mirror – 23.06.2010

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