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Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (IHRC) chief Sima Samar has said that the prisoners are still tortured in National Directorate of Security (NDS) cells.

Sima Samar urged to immediately halt prisoners torture and those involved behind the torture should be tried and introduced to judiciary institutions.

While speaking during a press conference, Sima Samar said that prisoners are tortured in various levels in Afghan security institutions and we hope that beating and torture of prisoners should be immediately halted.

In the meantime, deputy NDS chief Hesamuddin Hesam denied Sima Samar’s remarks regarding the torture of prisoners in NDS cells and said that prisoners torture and Afghan security forces misbehavior with the prisoners is not true.

Mr. Hesam further added that a number of prisoners are applying to human rights organizations and accuse security forces for misbehavior in a bid to defend from themselves.

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) also informed that an overall investigation will be launched to investigate the situation of prisoners in Afghan jails.

James Rodehaver, Deputy Director, UNAMA Human Rights Unit in Afghanistan said that UNAMA has published two reports regarding the situation of Afghan prisons and prisoners so far, and efforts have been put in place to improve the situation of the Afghan cells.

Source: Khaama Press – 08.10.2013 –