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Five innocent villagers were tortured in Jurachari and Kukukchari areas in Rangamati district.

According to sources, on the night of 30 June a group of army personnel led by Major Zaman from Rangamati Brigade raided the village of Samira Jurachari and beat up three Jummas – Bon Chandra Chakma, 55, his son Purna Kumar Chakma, 25, and his neighbour Karma Dhan Chakma, 45.

The village falls within Kaptai Brigade and it is unusual that army from another brigade should carry out such a raid.

The army was accompanied by four JSS activists (Santu group). They are
Siddharth, Barija, Haran and Nirmal.

Each of them has 4-5 cases including murder filed against him.

The soldiers asked the victims about the whereabouts of the UPDF activists, and when they said they did not know the army men tortured them till they fell unconscious.

As a consequence of the torture, Karma Dhan Chakma sustained serious injuries in one of his eyes, and a village doctor feared that he might
lose sight if not treated properly and immediately.


In another incident, on 4 July two innocent Jummas were tortured in
Kudukchari bazar in Rangamati district.

A group of army men led by Second Lt. Aman from Kudukchari camp raided
Kudukchari bazar at about 12 noon and tortured two persons. The victims have been identified as Joy Kamal Chakma, 28, son of Udonyo Chakma of village Chongrachari, Kudukchari and Kanon Kushum Chakma, 35, son of Ratto Ram Chakma of village Kudukchari Uparpara (Abashik).

Joy Kamal Chakma is a cleaner of the bazar (market place) while Kanon
Kushum Chakma is the lessee of the market.

News No. 120/2010, July 5, 2010

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