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South Asians for Human Rights (SAHR) is pleased to release the report of the South Asian Peace Missions.

SAHR under its programme area of Women, Peace and Security launched three South Asian peace missions from 2015-2016 to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. It entailed Human Rights Defenders (HRDs), mostly Women (WHRDs), selected from seven countries visiting the selected country with the objectives of
1) Identifying issues related to conflict with particular focus on women
2) Enhancing information and knowledge of the situation prevailing in these countries and
3) Facilitating greater networking, sharing of information and experiences particularly between WHRDs and provide a platform to advocate and promote women’s role in issues related to security and peace building.

This initiative has been triggered by the recognition of the importance of women’s participation in mainstream security and peace building efforts and towards contributing to gendered perspectives on security and peace building issues.

The mission members of the South Asian Peace Missions met with government officials, parliamentarians, civil society representatives, heads of UN programmes and affected communities. All these discussions were useful to understand and experience the issues at hand and to discuss with relevant officials the findings and recommendations of the mission. Mission members also came up with the South Asian Women’s Peace Manifesto as an advocacy tool.

The report can be accessed here.