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Harassment crisis

The writer is director of Bolo Bhi, an advocacy forum for digital rights.TWO events of harassment at two foremost private universities have yet again brought to the fore the crisis
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Markets and disinformation

MARKETS can allocate resources efficiently when there is competition among sellers and buyers. In order to have competitive markets certain conditions have to be met. Among others, there have to

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Clinging on to fiction

THE aftermath of the brutal and utterly tragic murder of Noor Mukaddam is following familiar patterns seen in instances of high-profile cases of gender-based violence. Sections of the Pakistani internet-using public, intelligentsia,
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Vaccine passport

SCENES of Pakistani labourers demonstrating outside a government office in Multan demanding to be inoculated with AstraZeneca, one of the approved vaccines for travel purposes to Saudi Arabia, shows how

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Not by words alone

THERE have been a series of official pronouncements that the government is shifting the focus of Pakistan’s foreign policy from geopolitics to geoeconomics. This ‘shift’ was first announced in March

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A tale of two talks

TWO separate talks are being held on two separate tables these days, and it is increasingly likely that the twain shall meet. One set of talks has been in the

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Rendered stateless

AN appalling abuse of power was reversed at the Islamabad High Court on Wednesday. The proceedings pertained to Nadra’s action in October 2019 of cancelling JUI-F leader Maulana Hamdullah’s CNIC — in effect, revoking

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Exchange of letters

IN the latest act of the Pakistan-India de-escalation process, Prime Minister Imran Khan has written to his Indian counterpart to respond to the latter’s Pakistan Day congratulatory letter. “An enabling environment is

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Ministerial comings & goings

MINISTERS rarely become popular in developing countries. Most of them lose the people’s sympathy for failing to meet the expectations of public service, even if the task at hand is

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