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Conduct unbecoming

TRUTH doesn’t have to be the biggest casualty of politics. But in an age of verbal excess and fake news the language and political narratives deployed by some of the

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Walk in their skin

COMMON SENSE dictates that if you truly wish to empathise with another human being, all you really have to do is put yourself in their position — slip into their

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Protecting misogyny

THE prospect of enacting legislation against domestic violence inevitably throws certain sections of this society into a moral panic. Specious arguments referring to traditional and religious values are used to

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No choice but to leave

REFUGEES are amongst the most vulnerable groups of people by virtue of being at the mercy of other states when it is no longer safe for them to remain at

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What Ails Democracy?

There is a well-grounded belief that irrespective of the state of socio-economic progress, democracy as a form of government has not been able to take firm root in many societies.

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Testing times

POLITICAL leaders are already thinking about the next general election even though it is two years away. But then strategies are crafted and preparations made way ahead of time. Political

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