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United Nations Resident Coordinator (UNRC) Mia Seppo on Wednesday highly appreciated Bangladesh’s development since independence, terming it a “remarkable success story”.

She recognised the contributions of those who helped achieve this remarkable feat.

Mia Seppo was addressing a programme – DCAB Talk – at BIISS auditorium in the city with President of Diplomatic Correspondents Association, Bangladesh (DCAB) Raheed Ejaz in the chair. The DCAB general secretary also spoke there. 

The UNRC highlighted the challenges that need to be addressed to help the country achieve the next level of development.

She touched upon issues such as Rohingya crisis, role of media, sustainable development goals (SDGs), Bangladesh’s contribution to UN peacekeeping Mission, human rights, migration and climate change. 

Mia Seppo said Bangladesh remains among the top four contributing countries in the UN peacekeeping mission. 

Regarding Rohingya issue, she said any solution to the crisis has to be a “sustainable” one. 

She said the root of the crisis is in Myanmar and the solution also lies there.


Updated On: 9 October, 2019