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Dhaka, Aug 18 (

The 10th session of the ninth parliament has started amid calls from ruling party MPs for the main opposition BNP to return to the House.

The session, chaired by speaker Abdul Hamid, started at 11am on Thursday.

Earlier, it was decided at a meeting of the business advisory committee led by the speaker that the session will continue until Aug 25.

President Zillur Rahman summoned the session on Aug 3.

The legislative support wing of the Parliament Secretariat on Wednesday said that 11 bills had been submitted for the session until Tuesday, of which seven are under consideration of the standing committees, while three others await approval and one other would be tabled in the House.

The bills in the session are the Vested Property (Amendment) Bill-2010, the Bank Company (Amendment) Bill-2011, Financial Organisation (Amendment) Bill-2010, Upazila Parishad (Amendment) Bill-2011, Anti-Corruption Commission (Amendment) Bill-2011, Unemployed and Homeless (Rehabilitation) Bill-2011, Legal Service (Amendment) Bill-2011, Contempt of Court Bill-2011, Animal Slaughter Bill-2011, Wildlife (Preservation) Bill-2011 and Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council Bill-2011.

The eventful ninth session of the 9th parliament was prorogued on July 7 after 30 working days — boycotted all through by the main opposition on grounds of not having a ‘congenial atmosphere’ to join the House.

Until the ninth session, the number of total working days of the ninth parliament was 237 and BNP attended the House for only 51 days.

Apart from adopting the budget for 2011-2012 fiscal, the session passed eight government bills, including the much-talked-about Constitution (15th amendment) Bill 2011 that marked a constitutional regime change.

A total of 19 bills were placed in the House during the Budget Session that opened on May 22.