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A director-general-level meeting of the border guards of India and Bangladesh began yesterday amidst high hopes for resolution of common boundary-related problems.

Meanwhile, Raman Srivastava, the visiting Indian Border Security Force (BSF) director general, met Home Minister Shahara Khatun at her office in the Secretariat and promised that no more killing of innocent Bangladeshis will occur in the border areas, Shahara told reporters.

The BSF director general and his counterpart Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) Director GeneralMaj Gen Anwar Hussain raised boundary issues of their concern yesterday on the inaugural day of the six-day-long conference at the BGB headquarters in the city’s Pilkhana.

Anwar Hussain urged Srivastava to stop killing of unarmed Bangladeshis by the Indian force.

He also placed eight other issues including arrest and kidnapping of Bangladeshi nationals by BSF and Indians, border violation, illegal border crossing, and intrusion into Bangladesh territory by BSF and Indian citizens.

The BGB director general demanded that smuggling of various types of drugs be stopped from India to Bangladesh.

The BSF chief also raised the issue of trans-border crimes committed by Bangladeshi people in Indian territory.

BGB top officials demanded stopping of construction of military wire obstacles by the Indian authority within 150 yards of land boundary.

On the first day of the conference, both sides stressed the need for taking confidence building measures, BGB sources told The Daily Star.

During the talks, the Indian side claimed that Indian insurgent groups are active in Bangladesh, which was outright rejected by Bangladesh, meeting sources said.

Source: The Daily Star – 27.09.2011